Clear the Way for Your New Home

Clear the Way for Your New Home

Get professional excavation services in Passadumkeag, ME

A good home starts on solid ground. When you need a clear space to build your new home, turn to Dale Ross Construction LLC for professional land clearing and excavation services.

From clearing your lot of old trees and stumps to digging and grading your new foundation, our excavation experts are dedicated to providing comprehensive excavation services. We make sure the land is leveled properly, giving your new home a stable foundation.

Reach out to us in Passadumkeag, ME to start your new home construction with reliable land clearing services; call 207-944-7304 today.

Make your vision a reality

At Dale Ross Construction, we'll make sure that your land is ready for your new home. Our excavation services include land clearing and grading. We'll determine the best course of action for clearing and preparing your land for new construction. That includes clearing away stumps and unwanted vegetation and stabilizing the area.

Before you build your new Passadumkeag, ME home, make sure the area is ready to support the structure. Call the professionals at Dale Ross Construction to schedule professional site excavation services today.